Zulu Knobkerry Zulu Knobkerry Zulu Knobkerry

Zulu Knobkerry

A large South African Zulu knobkerry. The large sized traditional Zulu weapon is made from an African hardwood and has a shaft length of 53 cm. The base of the shaft has a palm swell and the head has a diameter of 10 cm.

Interestingly the toward the top of the shaft is a silver collar that reads:

'Presented to C. W. Barnish
By Zulu Chief Dingabakubo Mapumulo
At Umdumezulu on 14th September 1941'

The collar is marked 'Silver' along with an early South African hallmark.

After some research, Mr C W Barnish was an employee of the Lever company (now Unilever) and was involved with the South African division of the business.

The age of the knobkerry itself is unknown, it has a fantastic patina and shows signs of significant age.

A formidable weapon.

Good condition with no splits or cracks with an overall length of 61 cm, and a weight of a touch over 700 grams.

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